Insolvency Services

We offer a set of procedures for insolvent companies, such as Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL), Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA), Member Voluntary Liquidation (MVL), Company Administration and Pre-Pack Administration. Our mission is to help creditors and insolvents to comply with the legal issues and comply and assess the extent of your situation and implementing an efficient insolvency plan to maximize the company’s value, providing continuous guidance.

Insolvency occurs when a company, or an individual, is unable to meet its financial obligations, in due dates. The situation can be defined by two distinct criteria: “cash flow”, when there is a general suspension of payments and the impossibility of obtaining credit; and “asset balance”, when the value of the business liability is clearly higher than the asset.

At Miguel Matos Torres SAI, we provide a set of excellency services to analyse in detail your business and the possible extension of the damages as well as potential. We work towards the stabilization of your company, implementing an insolvency plan with strict and adequate monitoring. Our focus is to increase your business value and avoid, when possible, worse consequences.

In order to have access to a more detailed definition on this process, we invite you to read our article “Are you into Insolvency?”, or our F.A.Q‘s (Portuguese only).

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