Recovery and Insolvency Specialists

Miguel Matos Torres, SAI is an independent insolvency practitioners’ society specialized in business restructuring and insolvency of international corporate groups and family firms. Applying modern tools of data collection, treatment and analysis for easy and efficient decision making, our highly qualified and experienced team leads the impartial, well-balanced and appropriate advice and assistance in several industries.


Insolvency Services

We offer a set of procedures for insolvent companies, such as Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL), Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA), Member Voluntary Liquidation (MVL), Company Administration and Pre-Pack Administration. Our mission is to help creditors and insolvents to comply with the legal issues and assess the extent of the situation and implementing an efficient insolvency plan to maximize the company’s value.

Business Turnaround

We will guide you through each phase of the turnaround process, using adjusted strategies and promoting an effective coordination between the different stakeholders. Three main categories of procedures are open for rescue: administrations, company voluntary arrangements (CVAs) and administrative receiverships (ARs). Our experienced team is ready to help you to overcome the adverse business conditions that your company might be facing.

Debt Advice & Finance

We will help you establishing the best plan and developing customized and innovative solutions to reverse the effects of disruptive factors, whether caused by internal or external motives. Our highly-skilled Debt Advice & Finance’s team will apply all the expertise and knowledge to solve the challenges disturbing your business profitability and efficiency. Guiding your company for a more efficient level of production.


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