Business Turnaround

We will guide you through each phase of the turnaround process, using adjusted strategies and promoting an effective coordination between the different stakeholders. Three main categories of procedures are open for rescue: administrations, company voluntary arrangements (CVAs) and administrative receiverships (ARs). Our experienced team is ready to help you to overcome the adverse business conditions that your company might be facing.

The business world is often characterized by the existence of complex situations that can represent prejudicial conditions to the success of companies or even endanger them, in more serious cases. Given this framework, it is imperative to develop a concerted and efficient line of action, promoting an actual business recovery.

At Miguel Matos Torres SAI, you will have access to the continuous work of a high-qualified and experienced team, responding to the complex challenges your company can be experiencing. Applying innovative procedures, to rescue companies from the stressful situations they may face, we will act in line with principles of cost reduction, including improving your efficiency, increasing your profitability, productivity and quality, in order to achieve a sustainable business turnaround.

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